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strength & Expertise

Spantech is established by group of Engineers with wide experience in Engineering. We have best of industrial professionals with us as key person who aims at providing most suitable and state of art solutions for all our customers. It aims at providing quality service and solutions, it's committed to comply with Quality Management system to improvise its effectiveness and timely delivery of cost effective services and solutions to meet the expectation of our customer. In addition to all the mentioned strengths, we have


The ISO standards govern the material selection and the process of manufacturing. This ensures proper dimensional parts which pit into the machines perfectly enhancing the life and working of the machines.


The administrative overheads are reduced as all the manufactured components, electrical and hardware parts needed are available at one place only. This makes the procurement process fast and cost saving at the same time.


We ensure the safety of our workforce by using best in industry spares  and avoid injuries due to fragments of blades flying while cutting bars, blade mounting bolts snapping, electrical shock due  to improper fitment of equivalent component etc.


The spare parts are available at most places across India, so this makes the repairs of the breakdown very faster.