We Support


In the process of being a developed country, we are improving our infrastructure at a very fast pace. To aid this development we manufacture and supply high quality construction machineries and equipment like bar bending machines, bar cutting machines, multifunction material hosts, suspended rope platform and Ganty Hoist.

We know that creating impactful change in infrastructure i.e. roads, fly overs, bridges, buildings, houses, dams, tunnels, cannels is a daunting task and we are making this task easier by manufacturing and supplying machines which when used in construction simplifies the work process, reduced manual labour and labour related issues and to top it all… speeds the process of enhancing the quality of life.

In our goal to become more than just a supplier of superior construction equipment, we have made a commitment to become a trusted partner that provides ongoing support to every client and making a reputation for reliability that’s second to none.


Maintain the position as manufacturer of one of the best-in-market construction machineries, and provider of best after sales support and services.


Enhance the market position by providing more of construction machineries that would further simplify the construction process and be cost effective at the same time.

Our Team

We are choosy in selecting our team and have smart and friendly people that portray our culture. Our team holds true to high standards and ensure that our values of excellence, teamwork, commitment are reflected in our works. The team always feels continuously challenged and supported at the same time- which enables them perform extraordinarily.

We celebrate the diversity of our team while working together as Spantech and our success is made possible by each employee’s contribution. We create a healthy environment at work in and are proud of what we’ve achieved as a team.